How to recruit for the Strats ESO guild



We’re at about 25 members in the new guild. This is pretty awesome considering all of these people have been active within the last day. If we can make it to 50 and beyond, we will have a really solid foundation for establishing trade and commerce within the guild. People will be able to find crafting and research partners easily.

Remember that anyone in the guild can send invites and I encourage everyone to participate in recruiting. If you see someone in the guild roster that doesn’t have a note with their forum name, encourage them to sign up and post an introduction so you can add their username to their note and they can move up in rank. This gives them access to the guild bank.

Every now and then, I’ll paste the following message into zone chat:

Strats & Co. are recruiting again! Multi-game community seeking mature ESO champions. PVP, PVE, crafting events, and more. Active forum, talkative voice-comms. PST or see more info at

I’m always on the look out for people needing help with things like world bosses and dungeons. If I can lend them a hand, I throw them an invite after whispering them a short note about the guild.

I’ve made some posts on reddit’s r/esoguilds and r/esobuilds. They’ve gotten some great upvote feedback and with so few new posts coming up, it gets us a lot of visibility. I don’t think we’ve really pushed this kind of MMO recruiting style since Wildstar when @Auth was crushing it.

With so many people returning to the game, a lot of the old guilds are disorganized and there’s a void to fill with some new blood.

How's the guild going?

Can you copy paste this message into ESO chat? I should be online in an hour or less, and can send invites to any interested players I come across that seem interested in the message.