How to run games in fullscreen or borderless-windowed on a secondary monitor



I woke up this morning with a random thought on how I might get Diablo 3 to run on my secondary monitor without having that stupid damn border (the plight of anyone who doesn’t use their primary Windows monitor for gaming since Blizzard doesn’t believe in monitor selection settings, apparently); it absolutely worked. Our lord Gaben has provided a simple and free solution: Steam (specifically, Big Picture mode); here’s what I did on my Windows 7 box running 2 monitors.

###It’s worth noting that for some setups Win + Shift + Arrow Key will switch what monitor a program is running on in Windows 7+, but for the way my environment is setup, this does not work.

#Download and install Steam
I mean, it’s a safe bet that damn near everyone is using Steam, but if you’re not, sign up (for free) and download the client.

#Setup Steam Big Picture mode
With Big Picture mode, you can dictate which monitor you want to play Steam games on. When you enter Big Picture mode, it will make the adjustments to your system’s display outputs and revert them once you leave it. Once you toggle it on, you’ll notice any desktop items and your taskbar (assuming you put it on your primary monitor in Windows) will jump to your secondary monitor. Make sure you dictate whatever monitor you want to play your game on as the primary monitor for Big Picture mode.

#Play the game
Once you start your game and have Steam running in Big Picture mode (order is inconsequential) you’ll have the game on your preferred monitor!

#Additional applications
I’ve been looking for a solution to this dilemma (specifically my Diablo 3 plight) for a while and it had never occurred to me it could be so simple. This should work for literally any game made by any company without the need to install any additional software (unless you didn’t have Steam, but I’m pretty much doing you a favor by remedying that ;)). I presume this will also work on other OS’s and platforms, but I don’t have any multi-monitor Mac or Linux boxes; hopefully this is helpful to y’all :wink:



So. What benefit would I get from this? Big picture changes your settings to shift your main monitor. Only reason I would want to put a game on a secondary it to run a different one on my primary. This fix wouldn’t make that any easier right?


I use a TV as my secondary monitor because sometimes I’m on PS4, other times I’m on PC. I don’t want to game on a small monitor, but I also don’t want to have all my settings jacked up when the computer and PS4 are running at the same time (which is any time the PS4 is running). In order to play games on the secondary monitor (TV) I have to either jack up all my window orientations and desktop settings each time through Windows or just toggle Big Picture mode for a temporary change that restores all the settings and positions to the way they were when I turn it back off. It’s basically an easier means to a desired end :wink:

Correct, it’s not going to make playing 2 games at once easier.


Does the D3 borderless window setting not work on a second display? I play games on my primary display but I do use borderless window mode.


Regardless of where you’ve dragged the bordered window, when you toggle borderless it immediately snaps back to your primary monitor; it’s rage-inducing.


Ah, yeah that’s annoying.


I see. Yah I think I’ve done exactly this (Steam Big Picture) when I had a TV attached to my PC. I don’t anymore so I guess I’m not constantly aware of the dilemma.