How to setup OBS and Teeboard Live on Twitch


I was considering doing a live “How to stream” tonight. It would cover the setup of OBS to include:

  • Chat overlay
  • Follower Notifications
  • AFK scene w/ timer and music
  • Last 5 followers scrolling message
  • Etc.

I most likely would not get started till around 9:30pm EST. It will be a bit difficult to stream OBS while using OBS, so I was wanting to gauge interest. Any takers?

Edit: I’ll be in Mumble and the link is


That would be awesome, I’ll have to catch the highlights though.


I’ll be there 100%. I wanted to get into streaming and was going to make the suggestion at the next meeting about doing a “How-To” video.


I put it on the #teamstrats stream schedule! I guess I’m committed now! :smile:




Thanks to @AiKiller, @Biff_Tannen and @Huntersknoll for hanging out in Mumble with me during my “class”. Big Shout out to @Auth, @AiKiller , @dontcallmejames and @Vocino for hosting my stream!


You’re very welcome! :smile:


Sorry I missed it brother, anyways you can highlight it so I can watch when I get back home?


yeah, i’ll have to catch a replay as well…sorry i missed it.

and speaking on teeboard…i have slowly drifted away from teeboard. i used to use it for everything, but then i started using tnotifier for my follower alerts and trackers, and nightdev for my on screen chat. i even use twobbler (developed by the teeboard guy) to get my “now playing” information to my stream. it’s been a while since i’ve cut teeboard out, and i can’t really remember why i did. i think i was just trying to eliminate having to run another program prior to streaming. i was trying to have everything load up using CLR plugins without a separate app running in background. I hear the developer for teeboard is getting back into the regular updates, so maybe i’ll get back into it.

also, another reason i sort of shied away from teeboard was because of the heavy javascript base on the follower alerts. i had a specific follower alert in mind and i was having trouble achieving it with javascript, but was able to reproduce it using tnotifier pretty quickly.

teeboard also stores the “latest follower/s” information in a text file for you to reference when you create a source in OBS. the problem is that the teeboard application automatically capitalizes it, and it doesn’t fit the format of my stream. i’ve contacted the developer about it, and there’s no way to change that at the moment. maybe in a future release.

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I’m sorry I missed the stream. I would have liked to see this.


Here is the Highlight. I think it is a bit dry, but I liked the concept and will definitely do more of these and refine the process.