How to Skyrule


#Hey to all, so this post is intended to give the reader the tools they will need to bring Link into the wonderful world of Skyrim while making him feel a little more at home.

##So let’s start with our opening screen!
What better way to get into the time traveling dungeon crawling mind set than a triforce spinning to greet you upon starting your game.

This mod is called Triforce Menu Model Replacement. Created by Col. Frootzcat, this mod will change the Skyrim Logo model on the opening menu to a Triforce… and it spins. It can be found on the Steam Workshop.

##Feel the Music
Next up, we’ve got sounds there are two mods I’m using

  • UI/Menu sound effects
  • Ambient music replacement
    ##UI / Menu Sounds

This mod changes the sound effects heard on Skyrim’s menus / UI to ones from the Zelda series. Remember the bleeps, bloops, and dings? This will not change any other sound effects or music. Unlike the name on the mod’s image its actually called Legend of Zelda UI Sound Mod. Again we can thank Col. Frootzcat at the Steam Workshop for this tasty piece of pie.
##Ambient Music

By cC+ Wolfy, this mod replaces Skyrim’s music with numerous tracks from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker. This mod only replaces music and we should note that it does not replace any music in DLC areas. It is called Zelda Music Swap and can be found on the Steam Workshop.


Gold to Rupee - Zelda Mod does exactaly what it sounds like it does, changes the gold to rupees. It even changes gold bags to rupee bags and changes the sound to the ding from Zelda when you pick one up. Created by Kairu and also on the Steam Workshop… so all of these are on the Steam Workshop so consider that a constant from this point forward.

Now that we have our back bone set we can get on to **The meat and potatoes, Link's drab!** I use a few different mods to get Link to look the way I feel like he should appear.

##Link’s Hat :tophat:

This mod, Link Clothing Legend of Zelda Skyrim, not only has Link’s hat but also the rest of his tunic. You also have the option to craft the Zora and Goron tunics. Added bonus, the hat is also a wig and earrings. Created by quechus9 (-=P&M=-) Oooooo Ahhhhhh

##Link’s Clothing :tshirt:

The rest of my outfit comes from the Navi mod added to the Workshop by βobitoζ. The mod comes with a whole bunch, even a magical anomaly the author is trying to pass off as Navi. I only use this mod for the craftable armor.

#Dressed to be the Best!

##Sword and Shield

For my Master Sword I’m using The Legend of Zelda - The Blade of Evil’s Bane (Skyforge Editon) by JKalenad and for my Mirror Shield I’m using The Legend of Zelda - Mirror Shield of the Great Sea also by JKalenad.

##And there ya have it, a Link that’ll turn heads.
-There are so many different Zelda mods out there so do some google searches. You’ll be totaly impressed by what you find.

Oh and a shout out to @Wayward


That is really cool. I have a lot of mods installed in my play through on PC.


Nice, I’d be interested in what you and anyone else might have plugged into their Skyrim.

#Here’s a Shout Out for a modding thread!!
##Any mod for any game.


Sweet, Thanks man.


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That would be cool, but I just don’t have the time right now.