How to Support Strats

A couple people have asked how they can make donations to help pay for services. Rather than go through the process of collecting donations and handling real money, I think it would be easier to just introduce an Amazon link.

Basically, if you’re going to buy something on Amazon, just go through this link. It costs you nothing and helps everyone. It’s worth noting that a lot of games will give you keys that you can register on Steam.

Thanks in advance.

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Note that you can still do this. Also, would anyone object to putting a small link on the top navigation for this?

i think its a good idea to have the link centrally before it gets forgotten

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I use amazon a lot, actually I just used the link. It would be nice if it was at the top of the navigation bar as it would serve as a reminder as well as being convenient.

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I’ve added a few links to the top of the header. Specifically, a support link.

Again, this costs you nothing and gives a small kick back to help pay for servers and whatnot. If you’re going to buy something on Amazon anyway, just click the link.

I’m going to add an override which will populate when someone is streaming on Twitch so they can get some cool exposure.

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I hope this link still works, Norma is going crazy with Christmas shopping.

Yup, sure does.

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Now with an easier to remember URL.


Mind-reading AI o.O

I actualy don’t see the links o.0

Top of the thread. :smirk:

I was referring to @Vocino’s post where it shows the bar at the top of the strats forum. I can’t see that :frowning:

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True, that part doesn’t exist right now. It was replaced with the Extra Life campaign and then not put back.

Ah, that’s why it’s missing. Was thinking it was something to do with my browser or maybe I’m just losing my sight more than I already have.

Everyone is using this for Christmas shopping right?


That would be awesome! :smile:

I know I am. I’m telling my family too.

Stick it up next to the twitch team link, or I’ll forget!

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or you already did! Awesome!

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