How was Black Friday's sale last year?


Hey guys, I was wondering what it was like in last year’s Black Friday sales ON Amazon. I’m hoping that they give out computer peripherals for at least 20% off. Is that true? I’m trying to save my money from 12 weeks of chores. ~$20 per week ~$240 in total.


I don’t remember anything specific offhand, but they won’t be any worse than the customer appreciation sales :wink:


Any tips for Black Friday? Do gaming products go out of stock super quick or does Amazon stock up the products a lot?


Black Friday deals are usually on super high volume mass market items. Gaming keyboards are pretty niche. There will probably be deals since most brands and distributors try to cash in on the hype but for the most part I never see any real earth-shattering deals.


Like 20% or 40%?


It depends on the item. Amazon is already discounting the shit out of a lot of stuff but like I said, they’re not really niche items like you’re talking about.

EDIT: I’m not really sure why that link isn’t working. Can’t mess with it right now.


I see, so Amazon only chooses specific items on the market to be discounted? For example, I’m going to buy a Razer 2016 Ultimate Edition Keyboard, they won’t be discounting it?



Amazon is all about the supply & demand algorithm. If they see or predict pricing trends from competitors, they may lower the price. Similarly, if they have a tonne of the item in stock and have seen sluggish sales at a competitive price, they’ll likely discount it.

But as @Vocino already mentioned, much of what Amazon peddles is already discounted and could simply be packaged as a “Black Friday Sale” at its regularly discounted price.


Ok, well, I was hoping to buy these items right here… Also, since I got a Razer Tiamat 7.1, why not get a whole set of Razer Peripherals:

  • Razer Deathadder Chroma
  • Razer Extended Mouse Mat
  • Razer Ultimate 2016 Edition Keyboard


I would think cyber Monday would be better right? Between amazon, new egg, and Tiger direct I usually spend some $ that day when I’m at work. Lol. No one gets work done on cyber Monday in my office, we all just hunt for the best deals and report back.


I’m niche’n for a steam sale. I’ll leave now.


Another item on the list of “Things I Want That My Wife Would Kill Me For Doing.” I live life dangerously I tell you.