Howdy doodly folks


hi there, I’m Skooshbag from Scotland. I’m 34, got 3 kids.

I mostly play shooters on PS4, but I dabble in PC when the mrs hijacks the PS4 for Resident Evil.

I saw Strats on FB, thought I would take a looksee. Been in and out of gaming communities for the past couple years, just couldn’t find one that fit or was active enough both online and on web, hopefully Strats will break that


Welcome, glad you joined. Strats is definitely a bit different than most gaming communities. So being a shooter player, are you excited about The Division?


Hey there welcome


thanks for the welcome.

To be honest I haven’t looked into The Division much, but from what I HAVE seen it looks decent, but being a 3rd person shooter it’s not my bag. I may pick up some time after release




Welcome aboard!


Welcome. :smiley:


Welcome to the club! Do you play Destiny?


I think I last played Destiny in January or February, I wasn’t entertained enough by it to invest in the DLC, which ultimately is needed in order to level up. I’ll still play when invited


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome welcome!


Welcome to the Strats Fam!


thanks for the welcome. feel free to add me on PS4 for AW, BF4, Destiny and PS2. PSN is SkooshyB




Welcome to Strats!! If you need anything please feel free to ask :smile:


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