Howdy Everyone

Hello, I’m BlackoutCwa. I’m 24 and from Texas but currently stuck in New England for work (EST). I’m on the corporate clock with work from 8-5 but I play games most evenings and weekends.

I joined looking for a Destiny clan, trying to get into raiding and end game pve but I also like to pvp. My hunter is currently 25 but I should be 26 this week after I buy some more Vanguard gear.

I also play WoW (alot!), Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2, and Heroes of the Storm.

Hope to see yall on PSN as we fight off the darkness.


Welcome friend. We’ve considered getting into the WoW world in preparation for the new expansion but we felt like the game has such a long history that most people were already well entrenched in older guilds. Maybe you have a different opinion or want to lead the Strats guild.

At any rate, welcome to the ranks.

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Hi BlackoutCwa welcome! Nice to meet you! Is there a sizable community for Call of Duty 1 and 2? I never think about people still playing the classics, I guess because I always move on to the next installment in a genre for better or worse sometimes.

Looking forward to seeing you in Destiny!

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