Howdy y'all, I'm TheBeastlyDude


OK, I promise, I have no southern accent. I am not really even from the south unless you call Southern California the south.

My name is Jimmy and my PSN name is TheBeastlyDude. I know, pretty cool name, huh? I am 32 and got a full beard. I work in marketing and product design for what used to be an oral hygiene product company but has now added massage products (get out of the gutter).

I play mostly COD:AW and GTA:V for PS4. I have requested an invite on the GTA crew page under the guise of BeastManCometh because for some reason, TheBeastlyDude contains a banned word. Who knew being beastly was so bad.

Anyways, I hope to get to know y’all, ya hear?


As someone who can’t figure out why “Super Secret Squirrels” gets censored as a PS4 party name: y’all’re gonna enjoy it 'round these parts; welcome aboard :wink:


Hi Jimmy welcome to Strats! I guess some people are just afraid of the beastly ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Our GTA Crew leader @tommy2118 will have you in our GTA crew shortly! We plan on having some upcoming events in preparation for heists so keep an eye out for those.

Also, mad respect for the Watchmen emblem


Hello and welcome! What do you think of COD:AW? I’m currently busy with Destiny and Dragon Age Inquisition but I watched my friend play AW and it looked really good (I usually get CoD every year or two).

Also, I’ve been staring at your name for a while trying to figure out why it contains a banned word and I think I’ve found it:" T heBe astlyDude". Rockstar’s filters must deem Hebe as a derogatory Jewish slur. Mystery solved.

The best description I've seen of CoD:AW

Yeah I’ve been trying to work that out as well.

Irony, or hypocrisy maybe, that Rockstar would filter anything at all?


That is very good point. The game is so offensive and you can’t write hebe.

Anyways welcome to our community!


Welcome to the Dark side brother, I look forward to seeing you in game :slight_smile:


I thought I could accept applications for STCR in GTA but I guess not. Need to wait for @tommy2118.

At any rate, welcome!


LOL Hebe. That’s pretty funny. I had to actually look that up on Urbandictionary to find it.

I like COD:AW a lot. It has it’s normal COD moments but I tend to have lots of fun on it, especially when playing with friends. If you care a lot about your K/D, you’re not going to have a good time but if you’re like me and care more about winning, it’s a lot of fun. Maps are a little symetrical for my taste but the overall design with multiple positions in heights is an added bonus.


All good. I am in no rush since I am still at work, working hard. :wink:

Can’t wait to play with you all. I have only one friend on GTAV as most players tend to be “Gangsta”, which is annoying.


Are you trying to say we’re not gangsta? How dare you.


ummm… uhhhhh… what I mean is… uhhhhhh… you’re not pretenders… yeah… that’s it!!!



Also, I totally accepted him a while ago :wink:


Welcome! c:


That would explain why it’s not in the queue.


Welcome to Strats! Glad that @Auth was able to get your GTAV invite squared away.


Welcome Jimmy, nice to have you on board.


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