How's the guild going?



Hey guys, sorry I can’t get in mumble much. My kids go to sleep around 8-9 EST and then I have to be quiet haha. I can listen tho.

How’s the guild going? should we be spamming zone chat to recruit? What is the generic message you want us to send. I think you posted it in an diff post, I will look for it. Everyone should go to a VR main city and try to recruit, it’s the only way we will grow. A good angle to take is we are a guild for returning players. A lot of hardcore players aren’t going to want to join a guild our size at the moment. Once you get a couple hundred members you can start organizing and weeding ppl out.

Just a thought, see ya later.


Hello @ddogave, yes, we need your help.

Here’s the thread I posted about guild recruitment:

I’m also looking at doing our first major PVP events Tuesday the 21st and Thursday the 23rd. We will be in full recruitment mode for those as well.

I have changed the access control for so that we can provide it to PVP raid randoms and they can join the ESO channel and listen. If they want to speak, they can be unmuted by a mod or register on the forum (of course).

To answer your question, yes, we need your help with recruiting—along with everyone else. I have been posting the message above in /zone, as well as talking individually to people I see around the world. Imagine if everyone did the same?


Anyone have ESO updates since I’ve been AFK? Haven’t seen any posts.


Well, my new nightblade is at lvl 10… Um, not sure man, just slowly trucking along through the story this time.


Any new recruits? Are people recruiting?


I’m not sure what the numbers were before you left, but we are at 31 members now. It looks like myself and two others are online at the moment, and yesterday I went into Mumble twice to find it empty. Unfortunately, I did not stick around to see if anyone else came in. I can spam zone chat while harvesting today though.


Coming in and leaving if there’s no one there will not make mumble more popular =/


I was on last night. I’d be in a fight, hear that someone came in the channel, but by the time I was in a safe place and looked, I’d be alone again. I need to just say hi whenever I hear someone jumped in the channel and let them know I’m in the middle of a fight.


I think we just need to set the tone and expectation of being on voice comms as a guild—across games even.


Dat lobby channel :wink:


Played for a short while tonight. I spammed Zone chat about 3-4 times over the course of 2 hours and netted 1 new recruit. I was very lonely in mumble…


I was on from about 8-10 pm Pacific time and heard no one in Mumble.


My wife is in a bowling league on Mondays, so I hope to be on tonight 7-9 pm PST. Can I copy paste a recruiting message into zone chat, or does it have to be manually typed each time?I’ve done whispers, but want to have a carefully crafted message like Vocino wrote.


You can paste it into zone chat. You just have to use Ctrl + V.


Absolutely spam it! :smile:

Let’s see if we can make our goal for 50 members by the next weekly meeting.