How's the new expansion?

@Majordomo, @GuardianX, you guys still alive?

I’ve heard from first hand players/coworkers, that they all think this is hands down the best expac to date. Other than that, I can’t say I’ve played it or watched any streams (if there are any?).

I have been playing alot in my freetime…what little i have anymore…and it is awesome. Hands down the best exp pack yet from Blizzard. I streamed me hitting lvl 100 but no one watches my stream…lol. Garrisons are great and provide a needed break from the grind of end game content. Started raiding last night and we downed the first 3 bosses in 2 hours in Highmaul…and will continue that raid tomorrow night. Overall the fun and thrill of the game is back in force…5 stars Blizz!

No excuse.


I stopped during WotLK, but I got back into WoW b/c of this expansion. The amount of polish and storytelling they put into the game is amazing. Garrisons are a blast and all the small improvements really make the game feel almost new.


Basically what others have said, sorry been super busy at work with a project. I’ll expand more at home.

It feels epic. The expansion took a huge nod from SWTOR and made a very personal feeling story that makes you want to play through the content fully. They added opportunities to get rares and epics outside of dungeons through randomization. (I have lost count of the various random upgrades.) I think this will make getting into end game content a lot easier for some folks who want to but hate running the same dungeon over and over for that one epic piece to make ilevel.

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Just got into raiding and we got two bosses down in the guild I am in. So far it’s been 10/10 experience. Time will tell as I do more raid content.

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