Huge set of Pathfinder tabletop RPG books on Humble Bundle



If you haven’t seen this and are considering getting into D & D or Pathfinder, this is a great deal:


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For those not in the know, Pathfinder is basically what DnD 4th edition would have been if many of the creative minds and developers had stayed with Wizards of the Coast instead of breaking away and forming their own company to develop Pathfinder over disagreements on what DnD should become following the 3.5 edition. It’s the only real competition to the DnD franchise and highly recommended if you’re looking for a new tabletop RPG rule set or just wanting to start playing tabletop RPG’s in general :wink:

Just double-checked the list of books you’d get in this bundle; it’s way more than you need to get started, and considering the print versions each retail for >$10-$30, this bundle is a steal.

@PreshusKitty, I think I need to spend $15 :wink:


Never played a table top RPG but I have aways wanted to. I’ll be picking up these bad boys for read


I remember starting when I was 8 years old and my brother was 12 (so… 1986). We picked up the red box of D&D at our local Bookland.

This was around the same time that D&D was blamed for all the American teens’ troubles. My parents thought we were going to be bad kids. We had to play in secret.

I guess this makes 30 years since I first played an RPG. Wow.


yea well, any parent that saw this movie probably thought that too

@PreshusKitty I think I need to spend $15 also.

Edit: Ok, so I just want to share the experience I just had because I think I’ve only used Humble bundle like once:

Looked at the bundle, put in $25 cause I saw some was going to charity, bumped the little charity slider up about halfway so I don’t feel super guilty for spending so much. I get to the redeem thing and see 6 keys and I’m thinking, cool, I got 6 books, I hope at least one of them is a beastiary cause I like reading other people’s imagination. I redeem the first one and there’s like 6 books… Wow, ok… I redeem the second one and there are 29 books… holy balls… I ended up with like 50 ebooks/posters/maps. Then it says, “hey, we need you to pay another $13 for the shipping on this starter set board game we’re sending you” and I’m like, well, I can’t even be upset with that… Thank you humble bundle. I will be revisiting you in the future…

P.P.S: half of those were different digital versions of the same thing, but still, that’s super cheap


FYI there’s a backorder til April or so on the physical boxed set in the $25 order since so many have bought this. And yes, +$13 for shipping the box set. All the books in the boxed set are in the $15 digital version but you get some dice, a bunch of tokens and a nice mat as extras.


Oh man Mazes and Monsters was so bad xD Such a terrible movie lol


I’m old enough to have been grilled by my parents when that awful movie came out when in highschool. I was using the lovely starter set back then with the cheap die you had to color yourself with a crayon…though they were nice enough to include one for you lol.


I definitely still have some of those baby-blue dice from my dad’s collection in my bag :wink:


That picture brought a tear to my eye.


I definitely still have some of those baby-blue dice from my dad’s collection in my bag

Now I feel really old.


they just did another humble bundle with a bunch more stuff, mostly comics and some battle map packs, nice!