Hullo! Mutiny here – excited to join

Hi everyone!

I’m Zach– online I usually go by mutinyonthebay or riotonthebay. I’m a programmer living in NYC. Been getting into the Destiny grind over the last month or so and have really enjoyed it. I’m glad to know this community exists! Games are more fun with friends, and I unfortunately cannot convince any of mine to buy a PS4.

I got into gaming more seriously when I was a teenager, playing CS:CZ and then WoW. After spending about a year in a top-25 WoW progression guild (Huge in Japan), I took a bit of a break for a few years. In college I got back into casual gaming, playing various CoD’s and LoL. Took another couple-year long break while focusing on programming until about 6 months ago when I got back into LoL. About a month ago, in a moment of spontaneity after getting a raise, I bought a PS4 and got the Destiny edition because it was all they had at the local GameStop. Super glad I did, because Destiny has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve always been more about mechanics than story and I’ve never minded grinding (see: WoW) so Destiny’s pretty perfect for me.

Anyways, I mostly just play casually on nights/weekends and I’d love a larger friend’s list to run the occasional strike/raid with. I’m pretty newbish at the moment, 28 hunter with some ok but not extensive gear, hoping to level up to the point where I can run VoG hard and CE on the weekends.

Other things about me: I’m a fountain pen and mechanical keyboard addict.

That’s enough for now methinks. See y’all around.


Hey Zach, welcome! Great intro, I love when people put the time into sharing a bit more about themselves.

What is your mechanical keyboard of choice?

Hi Zach! Welcome to Strats! What languages do you program in?

Thanks for the welcome, fellas!

@Vocino I have a few, which is maybe unfortunate :P. Daily I use a Happy Hacking keyboard, but I also have a couple of older IBM Model F buckling spring keyboards that I use when noise is not a factor.

@Nubhugs All sorts! Mostly high-level. The languages I’ve been using most recently for work are JavaScript, ClojureScript, and Ruby. I’ve also done a fair amount of Clojure, Python, and Julia as well.

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Welcome! Happy to see another WoWer!

Welcome to the Dark side brother, hope to see you in Destiny, there’s a name swap pinned in the destiny category go ahead and throw your psn name up on that :slight_smile:

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