Humble Software Bundle: Streaming



For all of you streamers (or aspiring ones like me), you may want to give this Humble Bundle a look. While I can’t speak to all the licences you’ll receive, I’ve seen a number of variety streamers fire up Quiplash & Drawful on a regular basis.

For $1 or more:

  • Monstercat 1yr Twitch Licence ($65)
  • FaceRig Classic ($14.99)
  • Quiplash ($9.99)
  • Choice Chamber ($9.99)

Beat the Average (currently $4.04):

  • XSplit Premium 3mo Licence ($24.95)
  • FaceRig Pro ($64.99)
  • Drawful 2 ($9.99)
  • Beanbox 6mo Licence ($24.94)

For $12 or more:

  • MAGIX Fastcut ($69.99)
  • Hotspot Shield - Elite VPN 1yr Licence ($47.88)


I have no idea what most of this stuff is. But the prices sure look neat.


I thought about picking this up but I realized I won’t use most of it.


A few of them seem like a bit of a stretch to call “streaming” tools. Can I really push 5000kbps through that VPN and play a latency-dependent multiplayer game? I seriously doubt it.


Sometimes I feel that Humble has access to some discounted software or licences and simply needs to use them before that access disappears.

Anywho, I tossed a few bucks aside for Quiplash & Drawful 2. I’m happy.