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Hello hello how is everyone doing. I’m Huntersknoll and I play most of my games on PC. I stopped gaming around two years ago to make my main focus finishing college and getting a job. Now that both of those are out of the way I’m looking to get back into gaming and Strats Co seems like a great community.

Right now I am downloading ArcheAge and am looking forward to playing that with everyone. I am looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition the most right now. Dragon Age is one of my favorite gaming series if not my favorite.


Welcome! What did you go to college for?

@Dynamible I went to college for Computer and Network Security. Currently working IT for a company and doing almost everything. It is a blast

Very nice! I finish my bachelor’s in December.

Hey @Huntersknoll, nice to see some new blood in ArcheAge! @tommy2118 is currently working on some great new stuff for it.

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Do they give you a badge and a gun for that?


More like a pocket protector and wedgie-proof underwear :wink:


All of the above. I have license to carry… ethernet cable that is



@Huntersknoll Glad to have you mate!

Check this thread out and make sure you join us on mumble! We can give you all the details on how stuff works :wink:

Hi Huntersknoll welcome to Strats! Congrats on the big college accomplishment! Glad to hear you came back to the wonderful world of gaming :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome aboard!!
Hope to see you in-game.

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