Husband Spends Entire Savings on Twitch Streamers, Now Flat Broke


The wife, understandably upset, posted to Reddit asking for relationship advice. The discovery that one’s life partner spent the entirety of the couple’s $38,000 in savings was an obvious shock, and after combing through the account history it quickly became apparent that the husband had been splurging heavily on Twitch donations. According to the wife, in one day he donated a total of $4,500 through separate donations, with some individual transactions climbing as high as $1,000 a pop – an unsustainable amount of charity for his income.


Yikes, that is scary, but I can definitely see how it can happen to people with addictive personalities. In a way, it’s a bit like being addicted to a drug.

You spend a huge amount of money donating to a popular twitch streamer, and all of a sudden you’re the center of attention. “Holy shit, wow! Oh my god, I can’t believe it… you just gave me $500 …” (Twitch streamer starts crying or something) “Oh my god, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much!” At the same time, the chat is freaking out, showering you with a huge amount of recognition. To top it all off, your name is pasted to the screen for the rest of the night as the top donor, prominently displaying that you gave $500.

Afterward you become well known to the streamer and the chat; you’re a “regular” and the streamer treats you a bit like a buddy. Unfortunately, it’s not the same feeling as the night you donated $500, so at this point, you have to one-up yourself in order to get the same amount of recognition. You could maybe give $500 again, but after the first time, it’s just like “wow, thanks man!” and the chat is maybe like “They must be rich, so whatevs!” Now, not only do you have to one-up yourself, but you have to outdo yourself. Rinse and repeat …


The headline read like an Onion article so of course I clicked


That is insane. @zgrooster made a good point with hype of the recognition, but wow. 38k is a huge amount of money. This guy needs serious mental help. He is guaranteed to be single now.


THAT, to me, is kinda shitty and is hopefully not the case.

We all have this inkling that this guy has something wrong with him because his actions don’t add up.

His family saved 38000 USD. Doesn’t mesh with a spendy mentality.

His wife was shocked. Implying that she didn’t expect this behavior.

I dunno, both of these imply that something happened. Maybe it was a mid life crisis or maybe it is much worse. Either way, damn RIP 38000.

@zgrooster brought up an interesting point on Discord tho.

Would you be inclined to return the money if it was you who he donated it to?

I don’t know, I mean in my own life, the money could already have been used and I would be digging into my own money to pay them back.

My own question is, how would you all feel if he started a “GoFundMe”?


My guess is there are deeper issues with this marriage since this guy is being so irresponsible with his family’s well being. I’d be interested to know which Twitch streamers he was donating to.

This story isn’t that uncommon when it comes to x-rated cam sites but is relatively new for pg-13 style video game streamers. There’s still the same relationship building with the customer and I wonder if the husband here was entering a similar mentality of attachment that kept him donating.


Speaking as someone who battles compulsive spending behavior, I’d bet money (hah) this guy just had something awful happen in his life and he was trying to cope.


I think that’s a smart assumption @Artorias. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have an issue with it but I do tend to buy shit in binges.


I won’t get into the “why” 'cos this ain’t a personal blog, but I’ve got an obsession with collecting games digitally and it leads me to make some pretty poor purchasing decisions. Not in the sense that I harm my ability to pay bills/meet my own needs for the most part, but more that I’ll pick up stuff I’ll never play just for the sake of having it. My Steam collection has ballooned to something like 830 games because of my penchant for trying to snatch up entire series, even if I didn’t plan on playing the subsequent titles, and my Humble Bundle habit.

I’ve got things in my library that have never been so much as installed on my computer, much less played.


Lol, I think we all have that issue with Steam. Something that you might play at some point down the road goes on sale for 50% off, you pick it up. By the time you play it, the game’s worth $10 and you’ve still paid 3x that. That’s assuming you ever get around to playing it.


Steam seems, in many ways, designed specifically to pull at those exact strings—as are most well-designed buying platforms (Amazon does this amazingly well, of course). Steam is just designed specifically to pull gamer strings.


I’ve finally reached this weird point where there’s nothing left I want to buy. I literally spent like 20, 30 minutes the other night browsing the steam store and finally went “that’s it. There are no more worlds to conquer.”


Have you conquered all the worlds though? Or are they just living in the cloud ready to be conquered?


“That’s it. There are no more worlds to purchase and then stare blankly at before going right back to Dark Souls 3 or Binding of Isaac.”




This is the story of my life.



Man, just woke up and saw your post @Auth. Got needlessly excited, BECAUSE THERE IS NO STEAM SUMMER SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW :tired_face:


This is a sad case. Spending “savings” without the understanding of the spouse is a serious breach of trust. Without trust, even the strongest unions can fail.


Damn. If I ever have that much money at one time, I don’t think I would ever spend it on Twitch streamers :astonished:

Wasting money is wasting money, regardless on what you waste it on. I’m thinking this might be too much of a waste.