Hwu is that? (It's terrible, I know)


Hello everyone, my name’s Vincent and I’m 15 (terribly young?). However, don’t you worry, for I am not immature (probably?). I play many a games, but I’m sorta new to Terraria, so I’ll need you guys to help me out! Games I love playing are Overwatch, League of Legends (I’ve spent over 1800 on it) and indie games, etc. It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I hope you’ll say HI if you see me in game!


I often worry when someone says don’t you worry.

Is that 1800 hours or 1800 dollars?

And welcome to the site!


Welcome to Strats! We should group up and play some Overwatch!


1800 hrs and more than £300 :smiley:


Of course!


He’s English!!! Ha ha, the Texan and the Britt - I love it :wink:
Welcome aboard buddy, I’ll send that PM post haste.


Hwu is that?

YAY another punny-wordplay friend.
Did you know I’ve very good friends with 25 letters of the alphabet but i dont know why?

also i am a super huge terraria nerd, so feel free to ask if anyone on the server doesn’t have the answers you need :3

also if you havent read this welcome thread it has oodles of great info including our discord and how to link your strats account to it! come chat with us :paw:


Welcome to Strats!! :slight_smile: :strats_green:


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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