Hype Disscusion with MarcoStyle about The Division and gaming in general



TLDR - Sorry about the length… Suffice to say watch the link and let me know what you think about hype in the gaming industry.

Check out this video. Marcostyle and a guest spend nearly 20 minutes discussing hype and ridiculous expectations which develop before games are even released. They make some great points and dive into the hype/hate correlation. IMHO there are too many people who both cannot be satisfied and are the loudest critics on forums, comments, etc.

Its one thing if the game is broken (AC Unity or WB Batman on PC), but the game simply not meeting the expectations you made for it yourself should not give you the right to spew negativity towards a developer. (Assuming the developer did not lie or really exaggerate details about the game).

I would love to hear y’alls thoughts on this. I am fairly easily satisfied, but I am also a realist bordering on pessimist so I rarely have really high expectations! Excluding Evolve I cannot remember an AAA game I have played recently which I did not enjoy to some extent, regardless of my preconceived ideas about it. Have I been disappointed to some extent, yes. However, I never was so displeased that I wanted to yell and scream harsh criticisms across the internet. Has any game ever boiled your blood to that extent?

Less than 24hrs for XBone and 48 for PS4/PC. Don’t get too hyped :wink:


But it’s the internet; I’m entitled to feel important!

I don’t know, i think people are still stuck in 2013 with the division. At the time of announcement people made assumptions of what the game was and they’ve ridden that bus since then. I think the delays and graphical changes are clouding their vision on things. People still are calling the game an MMO and nowhere in its description do those three letters appear. I think that desire/assumption is also fueling this disappointment.

As for hype in general i tend to temper all my expectations until I’ve completed the game. I play what the developers create and deliver, not what I imagine. Like you said, unles the game is functionally broken then its hard to claim it failed.

It’s simply silly the seriousness people take with…video games. Too many other problems in the world!


The video kind of repeats itself a bit so this is what I took away

  • Issue with graphics downgrade = marketing released the best footage they had knowing it would never make it to console looking that good. Personally I think this is flat out poor forethought on their part, industry lesson hopefully learned here.

  • Bullet sponging = they say this is cross genre disappointment, that FPSers were expecting fast twitch gameplay and got a more RPG style enemy strength. I don’t think it’s acceptable to blame players for this kind of feedback, this is beta and that is a relevant consern. Personally, I don’t think bullet sponge enemies are acceptable for common enemies unless there is more variance in strategy. The gameplay I’ve seen is 85-90% cover and shooting and 10-15% clever gadgets and grenades and such. Enemies with large amounts of health tend to limit gameplay to stale tactics that are used over and over. The player loses the ablility to have their own playstyle because there is only one way that works. From what I’ve read, this was sometimes a problem in Fallout 4. I believe bullet sponging is a symptom of a design flaw that larger games will inherently have unless they are specifically targeted. That leads to the last problem.

  • Game size = I think they realized they didn’t have enough new experiences to justify making the map so large. Also, this is beta so there may be more after launch. Personally, I think they realized they were poised to release more content than was necessary for a $60 game and plan to add parts of Brooklyn later in DLC and expansions. It won’t be as controversial as Destiny because they likely made the decision much earlier in the development process and the content that was already created was easily made into Manhattan (which means the team won’t be leaking how pissed they are at the decisions).

Good video, nice to hear critical players give reasonable arguments. My problem is that there are not enough videos tackling the reasons developers might make (and stick to) decisions that clearly come under fire.

Edit: oh yea, sorry, also I completely agree, overhype is 20% marketing and 80% unsatisfiable consumers