Hype of Thorns!



The Guild Wars 2 expansion “Heart of Thorns” is less than 2 weeks away from release. For those of you who haven’t been following, let me tell you a bit of what’s coming.

New Class

An entirely new profession is coming in Heart of Thorns, The Revenant.
A new Heavy Armor class, that can channel the mists invoking legendary figures of the past. The Revenant’s class mechanic allows them to select 2 Legends which they can choose to invoke either of at any given moment. The Legend you are invoking is what determines which utility skills you have available on your action bar. This effectively allows the Revenant to swap their utility skills much like most classes can weapon swap (Revenant can also weapon swap). The only real downside is that each utility set is determined by the Legend you channel, much like weapon abilities, so no mix and matching.

Elite Specializations

Along with the new Revenant Profession, each existing profession is getting a brand new “Elite Specialization” This Elite Spec will give each class access to a weapon that was previously unusable by their profession, as well as a new set/type of utility skill and brand new trait line to go with it all. In many cases these Elite Specs have been used to provide each class with something they were previously lacking.


Dragonhunter is the Elite Spec for Guardian. Giving them access to Longbow and Trap Skills. This gives the Guardian a good ranged option which it has been lacking until now. Additionally the Dragonhunter gets enhanced versions of their class skills, “virtues”.


Berserker is the Warrior Elite Spec. This gives the Warrior access to Torch and Rage Skills. The warrior can now go into Berserk Mode, gaining adrenaline, attack speed, and access to a new type of burst skill “Primal Bursts” This Elite spec provides the warrior with some conditions, which they were lacking.


The Reaper Elite Spec provides the Necromancer with a good Melee combat option as well as some additional survivability. The Reaper gains access to Greatsword and Shout Skills. Additionally their class skill “Death Shroud” becomes “Reaper Shroud” and the skills are more Melee focused than the traditional Death Shroud.


The Elementalist Elite Spec, Tempest, gives the Elementalist access to Warhorn and Shout Skills. Additionally, when the Tempest spends enough time attuned to a specific element, they gain the ability to Overload that element.


Daredevil is the Thief’s Elite Spec, granting them access to Staves (used as melee weapons) and Physical Skills. They also gain more Endurance than any other class, allowing them to dodge up to 3 times without recharging endurance.


This Elite Spec gives Engineer’s access to Hammers and Gyro Skills (drones). They also gain access to a “Function Gyro” which allows them to revive fallen allies or finish fallen enemies at range with a gyro, allowing them to continue fighting.


The Druid Elite spec gives the Ranger access to the Staff and Glyph Skills. Additionally all healing provided by the Druid builds up “Astral Force” Once fully charged the Druid can change into Celestial Avatar form, changing the effects of Druid Skills.


The Mesmer Elite Spec gives access to Shields and Well Skills. Additionally the Chronomancer gains access to a fifth shatter skill, which allows the chronomancer to go back in time and set their health, endurance, and cooldowns to a previous state.


And the Revenant also gets an Elite Spec, Herald. Heralds gain access to Shields and the ability to channel the Legendary Dragon Glint.

Gliding / Masteries

Gliding, while awesome, is just a part of bigger system, Masteries. The Mastery system is an Account-based PvE progression system available to level 80 characters
Players can complete content and overcome challenges to gain Mastery Points
Examples include completing elements of the story, finding hard-to-find and hard-to-reach locations, defeating bosses and group challenges, exploring entire maps, and completing challenging achievements
Each Mastery Point tied to a particular objective can only be acquired once per account
Mastery points can be earned prior to level 80, but points can only be spent at level 80[3]
One Mastery Track can be active at a time; while active, a Mastery Track is filled by earning experience
After earning enough experience for a new tier, its mastery can be unlocked by spending Mastery Points
Completing a Mastery Track can reward all your account’s characters with new abilities, such as: Learning hang gliding to soar through the air instead of falling, or learning to use various mushrooms in the jungle to bounce to higher places, run faster or recharge your skills
Learning the languages of the civilizations of the jungle, earning their trust, challenging their champions, unlocking secret locations and learning new combat techniques
Unlocking collections for obtaining legendary weapon precursors, with collections for each weapon
Unlocking achievements in Fractals of the Mists, fractal challenge modes, more powerful infusions and instance-specific buff items[4]
Unlocking Mentoring Badge for your characters and gaining speed boost in cities and bonuses for crafting, reviving and picking up loot
Masteries, Mastery Tracks and Mastery Points are divided into 2 separate categories: one for core Guild Wars 2 content and one for the Heart of Maguuma


Challenging group content designed for 10 players. This is the content that promises to break the current “Zerker” meta and require diversity in group composition and LOTS of teamwork.

Guild Halls

Rooted in the story of Heart of Thorns, our Guild Hall is waiting to be claimed by us and developed into a bustling Strats Metropolis. A staging ground for our guild events, and place where we can gather, and even DUEL! Guild Halls promise to be a really awesome part of HoT.


Fractals are increasing from a top Fractal level of 50 to 100! So challenging 5 player content is still alive and well. Time to start infusing that gear!

So there is A LOT of new and updated stuff coming to GW2 in HoT. If you played before and stopped, come check it out again, if you haven’t played before the base game is free to download and play, maybe you’ll like it and join us in Heart of Thorns.

If I’m forgetting something please let me know.

Also, this is the 1,000th post using the PC Tag!


This sounds awesome. I love guild hall mechanics in MMOs when they’re done right. Making your home really brings a guild together.


I’m really looking forward to getting the guild together and doing this. You have to fight off enemies that are occupying it and claim it for your own, so it sounds really fun!


The draw is there. I want to play.

Then I get in the game and only play 20 minutes until something comes up that requires me to bail out. That makes raids and even dungeons difficult to do. It’s why I can’t get enjoyment from Destiny other than PvP.

I’ve been watching Blade & Soul streams this weekend wishing I could play that game. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Unfortunately I’ve already paid for this xpac (and Albion Online) so I feel obligated to try.


I’ll be happy to level up with you when HoT comes out. Gotta get my Revenant to 80 :smiley:


That’s swell of you but I don’t think you would want to level at my pace.


one of the great things about GW2 is I can level at my own pace and then come back and level with you while you’re on and still get rewards at my own level :smiley:


It only took 3 years to get Guild Halls! Seriously though, I will never understand the decision to not include them in the original release; “guild” is in the name, FFS :wink:


Real talk: this post actually made me google for Chinese power leveling services. Do those still exist?



So before you do all that, let me ask you a few questions.

1.) Are you a new player or returning player?
2.) If you are returning, how long ago did you make your character(s)? Launch was about 3 years ago for reference.
3.) Have you been claiming your log in rewards each day?

I ask these questions because if you have a 3 year old character, you should have a scroll in your mail that allows you to instantly take a new character to lvl 30 (you should also have lvl 20 scrolls for 1 and 2 year old characters).

Additionally, you can get Tomes of knowledge that instantly grant one level to your character. You can get these through several different methods, but one of those ways is through log in rewards (I think it comes to 8 per month just for logging in every day)

So what I’m trying to tell you is, if you have a scroll, that cuts down leveling time significantly, if you have tomes, even more so, and if you have gems/are willing to pay in human money you can get xp boosts that give you lots of bonus XP. You could be 80 in a week with maximum commitment/playtime 3-4 weeks with moderate commitment/playtime.

And the big thing is that none of the methods I just described will result in your account being banned.


Great post. I really look forwards to doing all of the new content with y’all.


You can pay to level yourself by buying gems at the in game store> buy gold from the in game currency exchange> go to the market and buy the mats to level your professions… You can get to max level this way and its $$ well spent because you have max professions!

An added bonus is that you will not get banned!


That’s very interesting @Nevaduck. Do you know of any guides for this process? (or any interest in writing one)


This is the one that I use

Remember, once you max a profession you can put it on “standby” (I forget the exact terminology) and keep learning more of them so you can max out.

It has been awhile since I have done it so I am not sure how many you will need to do. I think when I did it, I leveled 4-5.


I wonder if the bonus from XP Boosts is applied to that as well?


There used to be a Crafting Booster that increased XP gain from crafting I thought; the XP Boosts (I believe) are “on kill” only.


I think the crafting boost xp is applied to the leveling of the crafting skill not the xp of your character.
But I am not 100% sure