I am a flawless raider

Let’s gooooooo! I sent the invite to several members of Strats, so I don’t feel bad.

It’s an intense experience. I came closest to blowing it for the team (jumping puzzle landed with 1 health). We had to kick a guardian who fell short at the jumping puzzle… Then with 15% health on Atheon some random tried to join the party and we had to boot him before he spawned.

Highly recommend all to take a run at this trophy/achievement. Feels like the pinnacle of my gaming career.


Dude congrats! I would love to get it but I’m afraid I’ll derail everyone.

Very nice!

Do they have the Face Palm Raider? I’m sure I would earn it with each run. :-).


Congrats! That’s a tough one to get.

Congrats man that’s awesome!!

It’s really not that hard (besides jumping puzzle). We should broadcast a Strats run live.