I am a little bummed out by BDO right now



So right now I’m thinking BDO stands for Big Disappointment Online.
I have to watch videos of people playing the game and talk to friends about how much they like and then, right before it officially launches, they patch it and break the game.

At the moment I cannot accept the very first quest and therefore can’t do anything, not even wander around and kill enemies.

I’m sure they’ll fix it soon but I just wanted to gripe.


No bueno, what did you set your family name as? Also what part of Edan did you create your character?


yeah same question…i know the server is Edan but what channel or area or whatever…i have a 7 day pass and am lost as to what to do when i log in…can someone with the datas kinda walk me through it so i can play with you all? :smile:


The servers are mega serves. Once you select a server all of things listed under them are channels and can be switched between at any time in game. So I would say at the start pick the least populated channel on Edan


I think the big question on everyones mind is…did you pick up a ranger?


This bug has been fixed and I am a Wizard!

My family name is Wayward