I am Biff Tannen


I am Dave, I am the captain of the coalition for non big box titles. Which means I help to bring Strats to other less known games you all might play. I don’t play consoles and am a proud member of the PC master race.

I am 32, I am married with 4 kids. I am an Oracle developer for Carlson Companies (they own Radisson, Country Inn and Suites and TGI Fridays) as well as a medical squad leader in the National Guard.

My hobbies are restoring things, boating, fishing, games and firewater. I have a bachelors in game design but I haven’t designed a game in quite some time. I am going back to get my masters in database administration.

My secret worthless talents are nun chuck skills (not even kidding) rollerskating (my parents ran a skating rink) and I know the words to almost every 90s rap song (I was a DJ at the skating rink)


Hello, Biff. Did you often play Limbo at the rink? Or make that call for “couples only”, “backwards skaters only”, or drop the cones for the race?


You know it. I can skate backwards with the best of em


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