I am very new to the MMO world



Can I ask a question? I am very new to the MMO world and thus I am curious what exactly a raid is. I am wanting to play casually with others but I am confused about where I need to be as far as on the forums. Sorry if that is not the smartest question out there.

Filthy Casual Raiding Group
Filthy Casual Raiding Group

A raid is a large group used for completing dungeons that are made for this type of group.


So would it be just for like dungeons? or for questing as well? I was hoping to have friends to run around a quest with.


I’m my opinion, one of the best ways to get a group together to do quests would be to post a request here in the PvE category. Make sure you identify what level you are at and what location you will be questing in etc. Oh and be sure to give a time frame. Something like this:

May 5th 2014 1800

Looking for a group of members to complete some quests in Reapers March. I’m currently a level 25. Let me know if you would like to group up and knock these out together.

Or something like that.