I didnt plan on spending 800 bux today

well today has sucked my balls mr garrison. woke up late and everything was groovy…went with my brother to do some errands and get some lunch. came home went to turn the tv on so i could start my GTA V day and the tv came on…went white and popped and then had no picture. So off to best buy we went and i got a new 50" Samsung led smart tv.
Get home and take it out of the box only to find that the screen is cracked very bad…so back in the truck we go to best buy to exchange it. While there i remember we need a new router so i go and buy a new one…which will be installed along with a new cable modem tomorrow.
So between the tv and a router i blew 800 bux that i really didnt want to spend…that is all.

You are the “hard” in hardcore.


Thats the pits Droul. Is the TV an upgrade at least?

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yes it is…i had an 8 year old Phillips 46" lcd so this one is bigger and its LED and its a smart tv so it connects to the internet so i can watch net flix. :smile:


hope you turn off the natural motion setting I really hate that with samsung but thats just me i guess.