I dont know what im doing. Single Player Help

So ive been playing DA:I since thursday because its the only thing i can play. It is an awesome game so far but i feel i am running in circles…i have quests in so many zones i am just overwhelmed. Only level 6…did i mention that? Ive got 5 followers and am confused as who to use and how to build them…i never use tactical mode as it really confuses me more. I am a 2H warrior and usually run with varric, vivienne, and the warrior bull something. where should i be at level 6? i still havent chosen between the templars and mages but have both quests…which is better? man i have so many questions…can someone point me in the right direction?

Do you use Iron Bull as a sword and shield tank? Make sure you always have a shield warrior with you, it’s a lot like an MMO party set up in that way. You don’t really need to use the tactical mode. Some people do, I don’t really use it that much.

There is no real “Set path” when playing the game. If you want to progress the story just do missions under the “Inquisitor’s Path”, everything else is optional and can be done at any time. Most zones like the Storm coast and such are used to just level up. You need to spend time in these areas doing quests not only to level up but gain Inquisition Power. You spend this power to go to new zones and progress the story line. Just remember, some zones you need to come back to because they contain higher level monsters in pockets of the maps.

I chose the Templar story line. It’s pretty good but make sure you are prepared and within the level range on the higher end because once you start you can’t back out of a story mission. I like the Templar quest, it had a pretty cool end boss.

Also, good choice with Varric. At first I didn’t like him but he’s a really solid character. You can find upgrades for his weapon in the shops. Once you get to a certain point and he unlocks his 4th talent tree he becomes an insane support character.

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First point of advice: get out of the hinterlands (if you havent already). You are slowly outgrowing the area, and there are a bunch of much more exciting quests out there for you!

As for the characters, I like to pick the ones I like the most character-wise. I think Iron Bull is hilariously written, and he’s a good companion too.

I’m on mobile right now, so I can offer more advice later.

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Thank you guys! @Nubhugs yes iron bull is my sword and board guy. I started using him when I got him to replace Cassandra. This game is freekin HUGE! I am never at a lack of something to do and the immersion factor is off the charts. Missed a cpl phone calls because I was so into the game I didn’t even hear the thing ring. LOL. I can’t wait for my first dragon fight…they look awesome. I think I’ll make my way to storm coast and see what’s there…the hinterlands has had me sucked in for 2 days so I need a change of scenery. :blush:

I’m at 65 hours and counting, the game is just never ending haha. Iron Bull’s 4th spec is a DPS spec just FYI. The best NPC tank you can get is Blackwall. His Champion class really makes a HUGE difference for sword and board. If you haven’t picked him up yet you need to do “The Lone Warden” quest in the hinterlands. (My character is the tank so I took Champion as my 4th spec so I don’t use him) If you or anyone else needs advice I’d be happy to give it!

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Now that I think about it I do have blackwall not iron bull. One question though. How do you level up verrics Bianca? It is the lowest damage weapon anyone has and I can’t find a way to make it better except for the aiming thing and arms etc. I think he would be so much better if he were doing 100+ damage like the rest of my guys.

Blackwall is a good tank. As is Cassandra, I must say the best combination banter wise I’ve found is Iron Bull, Cassandra, and Sera. They say some funny shit, and Iron Bull hits on Cassandra the entire time.

You can buy upgrades at shops or schematics to make them.

Btw as a 2h warrior, save up about 12000 gold, it’s not too hard to do, and at level 16 there’s a purple 2h axe that you can buy from a merchant in skyhold that does 289 damage.

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I will start saving now as that sounds awesome!!

The gold won’t take long, getting to level 16 will lol. And it has a Master Dragon Slaying rune on it already so it’s pretty sweet, I buy it for Iron Bull once he hits 16

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OK so i ordered and downloaded the deluxe upgrade…i found the mounts easy enough but everywhere i look i cannot find the armor or weapons…any suggestions?

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The advanced dragon armor and weapons are found in Skyhold in a chest where you have your smith.

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