I don't want to ruin game experience for everyone else (Minecraft)

Hey guys, I’ve come to realize I might have gotten off to the wrong foot here on the community, specifically when it comes to the Minecraft server.
When I joined a week or two ago I was unaware it was an 18 years or up server and you guys have made an exception for me. As I do understand, when there is exceptions not everyone is going to like it. Being a younger player I realize I must be pissing some of you off and I understand that, I felt that in a some of you, you might think I am possibly a danger to the community and I am here to inform that I am not trying to put that on. I’ve come up with some things that i’ll do in the future that may help some of you community members so that you won’t have to deal with me, my voice or anything that has to do with me on the Minecraft server. The first thing I think I should do in this case is stop using the Minecraft mumble channel, and consult with myself rather on my own, or if anybody wants to Skype me i’m up for that. I also do realize if you guys are unhappy with younger players on this minecraft server and you want to keep it mature is possible, I get that too. So if it has to come down to me leaving the server and bringing myself else where I get that because of the age restrictions.

-No hard feelings or anger involved here, trying to get people to enjoy their minecraft experience without the hassle of dealing with younger players so they can enjoy the game.


I have no experience with the Minecraft side of Strats so i may be completely out of bounds here. I’m unaware of any previous wrongdoings you may have done, or any encounters you may have had with other users.

Out of experience, I will say that if the core members in the community are finding problems with you, then it’s likely a result of you being obnoxious on the mic / ingame, incessantly loud, unwilling to participate as a group, or unwilling to listen. If you’re having problems with specific individuals I would recommend you take it up with @auth (I believe he’s heading up the Minecraft side of Strats) and see what he says. @Vocino is one of the overarching leaders (I believe there are 1 or 2 others?) however I have no idea how on hands he is with Minecraft.

Anyways, your first contact should be @auth and see what he says. Discuss the problems you’ve encountered, or explain why you feel you may not be fitting in here.

As for the over 18 rule. In my experience the over 18 rule is generally because young teenagers / pre-teens tend to be incredibly obnoxious and immature, and not everyone enjoys gaming with that demographic. There are exceptions which is likely why you were given the opportunity.

Again, I could be completely off base, I have no connection to the Minecraft group, and am completely detached from whatever is going on there except for reading the odd post here or there on the boards.

Edit: @GuardianX commented that there is no hard 18+ rule. Again I’m not aware of what guidelines they’ve imposed on the Minecraft server, so I’m simply going off what info you’ve provided me with.

I don’t believe it is (reading: Welcome to Strats (Read First!) ), strats is, or was based mainly on a “mature” sense in terms of community, this has a core of:

  • Keeping away from racist / inflammatory remarks
  • Treating others with respect

In addition to just generally being part of a group rather than a person on the wall.

In this case, you may want to talk with @Auth, if people are having an issue with your actions then you’ll certainly find out. If people are having an issue purely with your age, then I think they need to become better community members.

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The only hard age rule is 13 due to FTC COPPA laws. The only reason anyone would have an issue with you or anyone else would be if you’re making it difficult for others to have a good experience in the game. We’ve had numerous members under 18-21 that blend in perfectly fine. No one knows how old they are and no one cares because the collective experience doesn’t suffer.

There’s a difference between being mature and being of a specified age. If you are respectful and not offensive, I don’t see how your age will be an issue.


Im not having problems with anyone, I just heard people weren’t happy with younger users

The only complaint I’ve heard is they weren’t happy with a 16 year old (me)

I don’t think i am offensive, i think people might think i am too immature

I might talk with auth, thanks for the input

Unless you’re hearing your name get tossed around, or you feel some of your recent actions might be the cause of this, then speak with @auth about it. Chances are he’s aware of whatever situation there is and will be the best contact for you.

Beyond that what the others have said are pretty much on par. If there are users that have an issue with you purely based on your age then they need to do some growing up of their own.

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I appreciate your help

@ModzFosho I’m not sure what sparked this… I would sure be interested in hearing more about it.

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@tommy2118 i was told about it