I feel like I'm on Oprah

Exotics for you, and for you. Exotics for everyone!

After a shitty week of loot and then being gone for 2 weeks, this week has been insane.

No backup plans -> nightfall
Truth -> nightfall
Gjallarhorn -> Crotas End
No land beyond -> Crotas End
Black Hammer -> Crotas End
Ice Breaker -> Xur
Vex Mythoclast -> VoG hard mode

This was the first time I have beaten VoG on hard mode and the Vex Mythoclast, sparrow and 2 helmets dropped…

Still no helms on Cotas end though…


Sounds like you are RNGesus. Bless me next!


I am so jelly right now :angry:

lol, nice haul though