I finally checked it out



I’ve avoided this game for years. But yesterday I finally typed in the Star Citizen address.

Wow that’s a lot of info to process. And ships are expensive.

I downloaded what seems to be a demo of the game. There was a PAX East code that was no longer in-use, but the SXSW code seems to have given me some free time to try the game. I just completed the download this morning and will be inspecting it soon.

The last flight sim of any type that I played was Descent Freespace. So it’s been a minute.

I’m not sure how the wife will feel if I have a stick+throttle sitting on my desk. I think she’s near her accepting limit with my big monitor and my 5.1 speakers plugged into the sound card.


bro, get a better sound card, then you can’t hear her complaining. jk jk


It’s not 7.1?


My wife really doesn’t complain a lot. She tolerates me doing my manchild thing.

The way my workstation is set up I don’t have a good place to position the right speaker for a 7.1 setup. Although maybe that’s why my skills are declining. I need to get back in the game and reorganize.

I now have a goal for today.


I feel… conflicted by calling this a manchild thing


When you’re nearing 40 with two kids under 4 years old, I doubt most people’s first thoughts are how do I upgrade my command center to support a flightstick and 7.1 surround.

Also, my uber sound card only supports 5.1 anyway. But that’s ok because the wife just might draw the line at me adding a speaker on a stand to this setup. I should probably take a picture of this bedroom for you guys.


lol should def do that. i wanna see that sexy sound card lol.


The sexiness of the sound card can only be expressed audibly, not thru a picture.

Maybe I’ll come out of retirement and let you hear the sexiness of my League play.


This should be one amazing game in the end. I have two ships on there so far, and my fiance has one. we both need to build new computers before we can enjoy this game, but it’ll be worth it.


Star Citizen will be one of the best games ever created if it’s not a total quasi-scam failure.


When I saw the funds for this game so far I was stunned. I had no idea a space sim could be that popular.

I’ll try playing with my 360 gamepad this week and see if I enjoy it before I commit any major cash to this game, whether that be ships or hardware. My first time playing this morning was kinda fun.


I think the total number of backers isn’t rising nearly as fast as the total dollars. Which means there are a ton of die-hard fans buying quite a lot of yet-unrendered pixels over and over again. They’re not just buying one ship.


I’m in the boat of “I want to buy in, but I want to see more first” because of said scam/failure fear; I’m planning to snag a modest ship for myself, @PreshusKitty, and possibly a few others once I’m confident the game will actually make good on its intentions :wink:


I’m reading about the first-person shooter module that is due out soon. This is an extremely ambitious game.

I have been avoiding Star Citizen because I honestly thought it was a game in which I just wouldn’t have any interest. If they actually deliver on these things then it very well could be one of the best games ever created.


This was the exact quote in my fortune cookie over the weekend…weird.


I am one of those fools that have bought multiple hopes and dreams. The more ships we buy, the more devs they can hire, the faster we can play. Foolproof logic.