I got elder scrolls online



So I got the imperial edition. I need someone to marry for more experience. @Wayward Is already married which makes me sad in my pants.

Besides that ill be playing tonight so I’ll see you guys in mumble.

Any tips for getting started or addons I should look into.


You could marry me, but I’m married to @Wayward.

Get the Idle Animations Addon! It adds so much life to your character.
I think there’s a thread about addons here and here.



These are the ones I use, but I’m fairly minimal with the addons I need atm.

Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC) - This addon provides classic MMO style character frames for you Health, Magicka, and Stamina bars. It also provides floating combat text and displays active buffs/debuffs. You can edit each of these aspect to tailor your HUD the way you like it.

Skyshards - Displays nearby skyshards on your compass, as well as on your map/mini map.

Lore Books - Displays nearby Lore Books on your compass, as well as on your map/mini map.

Loot Drop - Temporarily displays items and XP gained.

Mini Map by Fyrakin - Adds a traditional style mini map to your UI. Location/Size can be modified to suit your tastes.

I would suggest downloading the “Minion” app from ZAM. Makes it all really easy.


Yay! :smiley: So excited for this.


If you see a black Khajiit named Poody-Kitty, that is my recently started Nightblade. All my other characters are Veteran level and can’t really run around with the non-Vets as they gain no XP or items, so I started a new character.


As far as I know you can marry anyone, it’s dependent on which ring they choose to wear.


If you’re married you only gain that bonus experience when leveling with your mate, right? I wish I were ready for that sort of commitment. If you married me you’d want a divorce for neglect.


So, if you wear a different ring, are you cheating on your original spouse? Men are such pigs…


I believe our test concluded that you have to be “physically” together and in the same group although there’s random posts on the interwebs about how you only have to be in the same group.