I hate you all

for trying to make me into a dirty console gamer.

I have this pretty groovy PC on which I used to play all my MMOs, RPGs and shooters. Now all it’s used for these days is watching Twitch streams, reading Strats forums, and letting my boy play Portal.

I play Destiny. Looks like I’ll be getting GTA V, Dragon Age and Evolve on PS4. Maybe even Advanced Warfare. While my Nvidia 780 pushes the pixels on this forum.

You all should be ashamed. You and your bad influences with your consoles.


I just made a gaming pc last year. Here I am though playing Destiny on PS4. Maybe if they would have released it the right way we wouldn’t be here like this.


Vent your frustrations, brother. Use this thread to release the hate.

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So, what I am seeing is that lots of people bought into the console hype. Thus making it so that, going forward, game devs have even less incentive to release on all platforms consecutively. Publishers have known for a while that games push sales of platforms and platform creators have made contracts for release of games to ensure sales.

They give us the keys to our own destruction LoL.

I love my PC (master race). There is a depth and scope that some games offer that you just can’t package up and place on a counsel currently. But, man do I love my PS4. There is something clean and refreshing about grabbing the controller pressing a button and being swept into gamers bliss.

To me they are like my hands. I use them both. Sometimes it is better to use one hand over the other, but all in all they work together.

Let’s just not bring up my Xbox one, lonely collecting dust…


I’ve been a PC gamer all my life. One of the parts I love is also the part I hate: working with PC hardware.

While I absolutely love building custom gaming PCs, I absolutely hate having to depend on the flaky Windows registry and dealing with the downtime that comes from components going wrong.

It took me a long time to embrace console gaming. I used to make fun of my wife for it all the time. I’ve learned that there’s a lot to be said for something that just works. It’s the same reason I love Apple. I could never use a PC for my professional life, it’s just too damn undependable. While downtime from gaming doesn’t cost me money, it’s damn frustrating.

I will never abandon PC gaming but I don’t make fun of console gamers anymore.


[quote=“tommy2118, post:5, topic:3285, full:true”]
Sometimes it is better to use one hand over the other[/quote]

I tell myself this every night.

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I was wondering how long it would take for someone to pick up on this. :slight_smile: I almost reworded it, but I felt the analogy worked to make the point equally well. :smirk: