I have a dream: Mass Effect Remastered

Imagine a world where we had the complete Mass Effect Trilogy remastered for PS4.

Oh. My. Garrus.


Damn, that sounds like a pretty bad nightmare.


Too bad I only have one “like” to give ya. Love them games!

Never played them so i could benefit from a remaster.

What? You don’t like Mass Effect?

I’ve played with modded textures but the gameplay of ME1 is extremely dated.

Being console bound.

Played the mass effect series and thought it was fairly well done.

What would they change in a “remastered” version?

If it is just updated textures then I don’t see any reason to buy a re-mastered version. If they are changing the system and pushing the changes of ME3 to ME1, then I think I’ll just play ME1 the original as I have done in the past a couple times.

I mean I totally understand the desire to play ME, I think I’m just done with consoles.