I have a kidney stone!


So some of you heard me earlier saying I was in pain, so figured I would keep you guys updated. I went to the hospital and turns out I have a kidney stone, woo… it’s small and should pass in a few day, in the meantime I got the good drugs haha.


Hate it for you, man. I’ve watched several friends deal with them and I don’t envy any of y’all.


Thanks man I’m hoping it passes soon and I got alot of pain meds so hopefully it won’t be too bad


Good luck brother! I for sure do not envy you!


Holy crap man. I’m glad you went and got it checked. Hopefully it will pass easy for you.


Yeah me too man that pain was insane, until I got some morphine haha. And me too the doctor said it was small and gave me meds to break it down more so should be good… hopefully


Good luck! They hooked you up.


Hope you feel better with the stone Drizz. I wish that on nobody, it’s one of the most painful things eva. Glad it to hear its small enough to break down on it own.