I have a simple question for you Strats (New Conglomerate)

Hello everyone, your pal Nubhugs here. I’ve made this post today to ask you one simple question.

Do you like Freedom?

One person among us does not. I will not give his name out but he wants us to give up our freedom, our RIGHTS. He is a part of the Terran Republic and he wants to bring us down with him. His idea of justice is oppression. I will not bore you with long winded speeches like some people are in other threads. I am giving you the brutally honest truth.

So here I am today, giving you an option to join a better movement. Join The New Conglomerate. In the NC we believe in crushing our enemies with superior fire power and unstopable armor. The disgusting Vanu may fancy glowing weapons and the corrupt Terran may have speed, but nothing can stop our iron defense.

Strats has to make a choice very soon because the PS4 Planet Side 2 beta is coming next month. I want that choice to be the right one. Think on it friends, because this will be life changing for us all.

Are you a visual learner? Do you not want to read through paragraphs of uncool words? This is for you##

What do I get for signing up?

Our weapons hit HARD. Everything we equip our men with may not be the most accurate, but who cares? Once you hit your target they are going to wish they never signed on the other empires. If you like reloading nice as slow as you enjoy the carnage you just brought to the battlefield you will love what our men are armed with. We don’t need long barrels and big clips when we are in their face bringing the PAIN. If you like the power of the Titan from Destiny you will love the NC.

But it’s not all about the man but the machines he brings to the table and oh baby do we. The Vanguard tank is basically a foot on wheels aiming right for an ass to kick. Our tanks are more powerful, more armored than any other army. While these suckers punch through land defense our Reavers take to the skies and rule them. Climb in our vehicles and make the enemies flee in terror.

Bigger is BETTER

Who cares how you wiggle the bucket to get the water? It’s the size of the rope that counts and baby, the NC rope is long and guaranteed to impress.

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NOOOO! Now I have to make a post for my beautiful TR.


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Lossing sides leader gets the title of “Basically Hitler”.

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Apparently I can’t propaganda the polls :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite color is blue.

You’ll love the NC. We are all about the color blue. Blue and Freedom.

Indeed. I was NC in the original Planetside and my character on current Planetside 2 PC version is NC.

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Sold with the vid, purely because he said we don’t take any shit.


I knew I could count on you Drizz