I have a Star Wars Battlefront shirt to give away


Post that you’re interested here and I’ll draw someone on Monday.

Size is Large but seems to be larger than average, like an XL and says “Greatness Awaits” with the PS4 logo on the back top.

2 Likes, 2 Comments - Travis Vocino (@vocino) on Instagram: “Giving away a #starwarsbattlefront shirt on Strats.co”


Im interested :grinning:


if you’re not interested… you are not a human being… explains your reasoning for giving it away… i’m interested.


Yo I’m all about free Battlefront Shirt. I could act like I was there and impress all my friends. I could even impress my group of friends at Strats to think I was there too.


Contest! Contest! Contest!


I’m interested! I should have gone to this thing, but I had work…


Definitely interested! Have to agree with Drizz about being interested! haha


I like free things, I like Star Wars- I’m interested!
I also like wearing shirts.


Definitely interested! And I third @DrizztDo_Urden69 :smiley:




omg wtb!


Not a huge fan of wearing shirts but I do love Star Wars. Im in brah.


I’m interested this is an awesome shirt


Enter me in the running!


Sorry, characters, stars, other employees, usernames and their families from the Star Wars Universe are ineligible. :wink:


Drawing for this at tonight’s meeting. Get your name in if you’re interested.


The winner is… @Wheatums!

(by way of random.org live during the regulars meeting)

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