I just got the greatest Christmas gift ever


I just found out I’m meeting my sister the day after Christmas. :smiley: She’s flying in from LA to FL for Christmas, and then up here to hang for a day. Incredibly nervous but incredibly excited. What do you even say to a sibling of nearly 23 years that you’ve never met?

Any advice is welcome!



I would start with “Hi.”



Im sure it’ll come to you naturally. Can always talk about yourself and help break some of the ice.

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I’ll try my best on that one.

I think so, I guess I’m just nervous and excited!

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Don’t worry overmuch about what to say and all that, just make sure you’re you, not what you think she wants you to be :wink:



Is this the same sister who is working on The Last of Us?

Maybe talk about how much you loved the first.

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This! I just met my sister last spring for the first time. It’s been awesome! :smiley:
Luckily we did it quickly after finding each other so didn’t have much time to over think it lol.

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Yes for sure I will mention it.

Haha I guess there’s been a lot of build up since I found out about six months ago. I was just expecting for it to be about another year before we met based on how she’s reacted.

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