I kind of want to get back into making video game reviews


So back in the day when I was making videos, I loved making reviews like this.

Part of me really wants to get back into it, as a hobby. The other part of me feels like everyone does this now. But then yet another part of me feels that if I enjoy it, I should do it.



Thinking about it further, what if I started making them for the Strats proper channel? The other people could join in.


Entertaining. But you missed an awesome Captain Planet moment (1:20) when you talked about combining their weapons and abilities and such.

I would watch these. I don’t even bother with people like Angry Joe.


I’d watch them. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome! I’d watch it. :smile:


I would definitely watch them


I enjoyed that review. “Get off my skill tree… man.” I’m going to start using that phrase.

I think you should definitely do it!


I’d say go for it I’ve been thinking of making some video reviews myself, plus your video was pretty good man. Good Luck!