I like The Lost Vikings



I rarely brag about my gaming achievements but I felt like now is the time to display one. I bought The Lost Vikings tonight and took them for a spin. Two wins so far and this second game shows some definite potential for these beards.

Looking for someone/guild to play anything with



They can be pretty beast, that’s for sure.


Nice! I really liked them when played them during their free week. I’m not great at micromanaging them though like some who can split them between all 3 lanes but did well when keeping them together.


dat Li Li damage


if played right, the vikings can really help get that early lead in levels. you can send 1 (i forget which one works best) to help with another lane, and the other 2 will help push another. allows you to really rotate around for ganks while always maintaining a constant soak. i haven’t really tried them myself yet though.


Thanks for starting the masturbatory thread I was looking for, ninja.

I like Nova.

Apparently I broke Diamond last night and I don’t think I’ll be there long so I had to put up the screenshot <3


i was diamond for a long time…now i’m gold. i had a terrible losing streak that just plummeted my MMR. it’s not entirely accurate though, because you’re competing against people that may have incomplete profiles.


Agreed that HOTS Logs MMR is definitely not precise for a number of reasons.