I love Amazon Prime!



It’s really good. I have Hulu and Netflix, and Amazon streaming easily fills in any gaps those two have. The shipping and other savings bit is just frosting on the cake.


Why can’t Canadian Prime be just as solid as American Prime? All I get is two-day shipping.


Honestly, Amazon Prime is probably the best value subscription service on the internet right now if you shop at Amazon regularly.

I think it’s rivaled by their newish video game trade in system though. For example, Fallout 4 will be bought back for $37.69 (you get extra buy back if you take your payment in Amazon credit). With your savings, you will actually come out with a net-positive.


Prime is great! Have had it for several years. I did just notice that the prime sharing has been changed and you can no longer share it with 4 other people. Now it can just be shared with 1 adult and 4 kids (household sharing).


Y’all really know how to take the screws to the Canadian, eh? Prime sharing? Pish… we don’t get that either.


Yeah, Prime has been a real game changer for us. We use it so much!


It’s true. Amazon Prime is the lord and savior of internet shopping. Plus that free 2-day shipping. Man its god-like


I bought fallout because of this post. I didn’t even see anywhere where it said I would save money, it just knocked of $10 for prime savings.


Yeah there was an error and it was corrected


Without Amazon Prime I would be lost in the world of waiting for shipping…seriously the $100 pays itself off with the shipping pretty quickly and you basically get that free entertainment streamed to all of your devices!