I made it home

Hi guys… I made it. I’m home and unpacked, I hope to be back with you guys in the next day or so. hope you all are doing well.
Now I’m going to be such a girl… I MISS YOU GUYS!!! :slight_smile:


Glad everything went well.

you are such a girl! :stuck_out_tongue: how was the trip over there?

Welcome home

Tear tear… Sniff sniff…, there now I’m a girl… see yall soon!


But hey, now you and Dome might as well be neighbors

Cool! It remains to be seen how much I will be on this week. I’m out in Las Vegas this week for work, so I’m not sure how much work and how much play and how good the Internet will be. I’m not into the Vegas scene, so I’ll probably duck into the room to play for a bit when I can.

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