I might get a tablet


I just installed this fantastic swing on my back porch. It’s right outside my bedroom door. Now I can lounge in luxury as the armadillos destroy my yard and the mountain lions skirt along the treeline.

For those evenings when I’m partaking in the local wildlife, I need ways to keep in touch with my Strats buddies. I don’t think I want a full-blown laptop since I already have this perfectly fine PC less than 15 feet away.

Enter: The Tablet

I should mention I am morally opposed to anything Apple. I did buy a Windows phone about a year ago. App selection is rather poor for that thing.

Does anyone have opinions or experience with the Surface? I get a lot of email offers and updates about them but I don’t know anyone that uses it. Maybe that should tell me something.

I don’t think I want a powerful tablet either. Apparently the uber Surface Pro will run League and TESO. That’s why I have a PC. I just need something to keep in touch with the Strats gang while in my swing or on vacation.

I will also take recommendations on other products.


I don’t understand why you’d be “morally” opposed to anything Apple. Seems like it would be more logical to make a decision for the technology you’d buy based on the quality of the technology. The iPad is probably the best tablet on the market, especially when you factor in app availability.

I don’t really like the Surface, it’s way too heavy. Plus it essentially runs the part of Windows that everyone hates: metro.

If iPad isn’t in the running (due to a moral dilemma of some kind), I would probably go with a Nexus 7. The Android market is decent except for some quality control issues but you can use your judgement and research to avoid them. The Nexus is also pretty well supported by carriers and has good battery life, etc. (the nuts and bolts stuff).


The Apple comment was for humor. I own some Apple stock because I know it will make me some money. My wife and stepsons adore their iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. I like being the Microsoft guy just to annoy them.

If the other tablets just don’t compete at all then I likely will get the iPad. This Windows phone was free so I thought I would experiment. It was neat to have my Live gamertag tied to my phone but the app selection and quality are terribad. Even the Twittter app is sketchy.


if you like to read, i would recommend a kindle fire! It’s pretty cheap as well, with plenty of apps to go with it.


I’m with Vocino. I own an iPad and I love the dang thing. I had originally bought it a few years ago because the app store was much better and I could be productive while I traveled. Now that i don’t travel anymore it’s become a Snugmachine. Nothing like laying in bed under some comfy covers in the dark and listening to the Strats meeting on mumble while getting all snug. It’s also an on-to go Hearthstone machine for slow work days. I do a lot of magazine reading off it, Wired especially. Also comics that… ahem fall off the truck… Basically it’s become an expensive toy.

So if you want to get snug on your new swing as the animals take back their land, buy an Apple IPad ™ today!

Excuse me I have some snug to take care of now.


Forgot I could use a tablet to play Hearthstone. Hell what more do I need.

Do people agree that a tablet would be a better than an actual laptop? The laptop essentially replaces the PC. I just want a side item.


Tablet is more of a side item, it sounds like that’s all you need. If you wanted to do actual work i’d suggest a laptop, which isn’t the case. No worries of a hot lap, draining battery life or accessories with an iPad. Just tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap slide to victory.

Plus the kids can play with the tablet…if you let them.


Hopefully he’ll stick to mommy’s iPad and leave mine alone.


if you’re going to play hearthstone on it, make sure you get at least a 6 inch screen on whatever you decide to buy


For real. I can’t believe they are making phone versions of hearthstone. It’s pretty decent on the iPad though. Not as smooth as PC but a great way to get salty on the run.


i’ve seen it played on the samsung tablet, and the ipad mini, and it seems to work pretty well on both


If you have a GeForce GPU in your PC, then you can stream games to an Nvidia Shield tablet.


I like my nexus 9, and I had the first gen nexus 7. I am a fan of the nexus line in general (had a nexus 5 phone and currently using a nexus 6 as my daily driver). Google revises its nexus line each year, and I think they will be announcing another refresh for the 7. If I was in the market for a tablet I might wait till Google announces this years product.


I do use Nvidia but I’ve never actually looked at the Shield. I’ll do some research.


Since when do you stream… I’m still waiting on the polaroid


Maybe it’s a good time to start streaming!

Yeah that likely won’t happen.


You stream title could be “Theories and re-creating characters with Ninjaneer”


How to Kirk Your Hammer

Getting a tablet makes me feel like a big boy. 20 years ago I was the kid that was on top of new tech but somehow I got left behind.


The Ipad has pretty good hardware for a tablet. I know I got a cheap one and I can’t do much on it, so no Hearthstone… Do yourself a favor and spend a little more and get something usable.


I’m on my third iPad. Huge fan of them. In fact I’m typing this on my iPad mini (retina) on the couch. Very reliable and solid hardware.