I miss a good RTS


Is anyone still playing a good RTS? Is Starcraft 2 worth buying this late? If there is still a variable option, I would love to play online with you guys.


The Total War series is more like a hybrid RTS but they are well done. Also the Dawn of War series, based on the Warhammer 40k universe, are super fun.


Thanks, I’ll look at them both.


DoW 2 was a turd in my opinion. Loved the first one, but if I wanted to play a rework of Myth I’d just play Total War.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will see you now :wink:


This game! Definitely check out the star wars mod for this game too, it makes the AI for the game so much better and improves almost every aspect of it.


As someone who bought SC2 the day it came out and Heart of the Swarm I can recommend it to anyone who even just wants a good single player. I’ve spent 1000 hours on it in less than a year and I didn’t even play ranked ladder that much. The Arcade is amazing and is free now too if you would like to try it out. For the single player campaign I recommend it but if you are looking for something competitive it also fulfills its duties. What I would like to note is that SC2 has some very bad ladder anxiety issues for a lot of players because its one of those games that isn’t fun unless you win.


Never tried SC but im very interested, maybe ill buy it one of these days.


Starcraft 2 is a really good RTS, it’s considered a Sport in Korea so its really well Balanced.


I don’t think there’s any harm in grabbing SC this late tho I wouldn’t recommend going into MP from the start as with any game that’s running for a longer while.

As for typical RTS (building base and units) Dawn of War is great, you can also grab Ultimate Apocalypse mod for it to make the battles crazy (new units/mechanics/race/etc). As for Dawn of War 2 the RTS has been replaced (in campain) with 4 squads you control with no base building or unit production (Retribution changed that a bit but barely). So if you rather have a normal RTS i would stay away from DoW2.


Dota 2 is getting custom maps which might include some rts maps FOR FREE. Not 40 dollars just to ladder on starcraft.


Sins of a Solar Empire is a great way to lose an entire week of your life.


no one makes good rts anymore


This man speaks the truth.


Soon that will be a false statement. Check this out.


I love Empire at War (with mods) and Total War! Both of them are great and engulfing.


Try Company of Heroes 2, epic game