I need GEAR!

Hey guys! I’m looking to put together a fireteam tonight. I would like to gear farm or crucible. Anything to get better gear. I am level 20, with shit gear. I would love to participate in the raid tomorrow, but I doubt I will get enough to make it there.

Potential Party

September 15, 7:00 PM EST - PS4

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Honestly I’ve had shit luck with the suggested farming runs. All my best gear I’ve gotten from the strike play list. I’m hoping to run the nightfall strike tonight but after I wouldn’t mind taking you with me on some strike runs if you were interested. I make no promises on drops though.

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Yeah that sounds good. I have not done those yet.

20-24 goes pretty quickly. Just slap light gear on, upgrade it, get to the next level in strike list, get new gear, upgrade, repeat. At 24 you need to start finding them legendaries and upgrade as best as you can to get beyond that. Some of this can be skipped if your lucky enough to get an exotic, which I am not.

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I have been having trouble finding and level twenty gear.

You’ll have no problem with that in the playlist. I get nothing but 20’s on everything that drops.

Level 20 gear doesn’t drop right away. I was getting:

  • 17 - 18 in the 20 Strike Playlist
  • 18 - 19 in the 22 Strike Playlist
  • 20 in 24 playlist

At level 20 a fully upgraded part of armor gives 15 light a piece which I THINK is as high as a rare can bank you.

(I’m sure there are some exceptions to the levels found. I think I found a level 20 body in the 22 strike list, this was on average through my experiences)

That sounds awesome. Dis that mean i could enter in a 24 with a group and get uber gear fast?

haha I don’t know… if you are not geared enough they monsters won’t take as much damage. But I’ve seen people a level below (23’s in the 24 strikes) that did fine as long as they knew what to do.

I’m up for this. Im 23 at the moment but definitely need gear to, strike playlists sound like the best bet but I’m usually a little wary of PuGs so I’ve been waiting for guildies before doing too many.

I haven’t touched any of the strike playlists and in fact still need to dot he Venus strike and the Dust Palace strike.

Would love to join up with someone for those and / or the strike playlist.

I’m currently level 23 (I think, at work right now, lol)

So it looks like me and Wrongear are good for tonight. Who else is coming?

I work till 8pm tonight, won’t be home till 930, assuming I don’t head out after haha.

I may or may not be back around 930, however if I’m not around for that time, I’m generally home around 1am EST.

That doesn’t help you for the 7pm start, but might give you an option for a +1 later on. Don’t hold out on me though. If I’m not online, grab anyone else willing.

I can’t stay up super late tonight :frowning:

Ill come. Alphaman000 on psn.

Sounds good.

Booo! Haha, I need to find some other later nighters like myself.

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Yeah you should try this thing called sleep…… I like it a lot.

Maybe one of these days I’ll try it, lol.

Well if I’m on I’m almost always down for a strike. I’m usually grouped with my brother in law though so if only have room for one guilder at a time.