I put the Loot Crate goodness on my Twitch channel


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**Loot Crate supports [Team Strats](http://twitch.tv/team/stratsco)**, delivering epic geek & gaming gear monthly for just $13.37 - Sign up at [lootcrate.com/strats](http://lootcrate.com/strats) & save **10%** with code **STRATS**.

Here are some other images you can use if this interests you:

Twitch Sponsorship Programs?

Are you gonna get one and do an unboxing to make everyone drool?


@Wayward: When I get mine I will be doing an unboxing video! -eyebrow waggle-

EDIT, @Vocino: Thanks for these graphics! I already had the LootCrate logo on my Twitch profile but these images are better.



be sure to subscribe to twitch.tv/vocino


@Wayward, we’ve given subscriptions to some key team Strats people who will be doing unboxings, including @simplyundrea above. This also makes things like the Stratscast podcast possible.

We are working on more benefits for being a Team Strats partner.


This sponsorship helps Strats members more then anything else. It gives the streamers and Youtubers something to offer their viewers. Further, it lends creditability to the kinds of boosts we can offer the #teamstrats members.

This is not “sell out”… It is “selling” the belief that Strats is something awesome.


So this means that anyone streaming with #teamstrats can put this on our twitch pages?


just added to my channel! I will…if its ok @Vocino @tommy2118 be doing an unboxing video when i get my first one in march.


@Dravenheart: Yup! Everyone can use the discount code. :smile:


That would be awesome. I look forward to watching!


I was just pulling @Vocino’s leg. Of course I see how important this is to the expansion of Strats and why we should put it out there.

As a side note, you’d be really good at selling war bonds @tommy2118


Sounds good @Droul, will be structuring ad campaigns around the unboxing videos. So anyone that does them can grab some free views for your videos.


Sweet! Just updated my twitch page. :slight_smile:


Updated! What picture did everyone go with? I chose the pirates vs ninjas one (obviously ;))


i went with the horror one…middle left


Awesome! I’ve added it to my channel! :slight_smile: Thanks @Vocino!


Awesome idea, just put the pirate vs ninja one on my own channel (cause A. I’m a Pirate and B. Pirates are Awesome)


I put up the batman one :slight_smile:


I put up the one with Groot and TMNT. Had to be the one with Groot though :smiley:


im doing unboxing aswell