I sense a huge potential opportunity during TwitchCon



The thought occurs to me that a good number of the major streamers are likely going to be attending TwitchCon. That means games which usually get pushed out with streamers that have thousands of concurrent viewers will be much more attainable in high ranking.

This weekend could be a pretty nice window of opportunity for discovery by new audience members.


You bring up a really great point.A lot of people will not be able to attend, and while many of the big streamers are there and not streaming viewers will be looking for someone else to watch to fill that time gap.

I think we may try to take advantage of this actually, if we can get everything together by then. Fingers crossed.


Good stuff @GuardianOfLaoria, we’ll be checking in with the team streams while we hack on Friday.


didn’t think of that, thanks for saying something :smiley:


Did anyone test this theory? How did it work out? Notice anything different?