I suck at controller FPS multiplayer



Listen I’m not the best player of all time with a keyboard and mouse but I do indeed generally rank high playing PC FPS multiplayer matches. I’ve been playing PC MP like that since the first Quake released deathmatches. However, I’m sad to say that these skills don’t translate to controllers.

I love playing singleplayer games on consoles where you can just sit back and relax on the couch and get into the story. I’ve been playing Crucible matches in Destiny though and I’m getting my ass kicked. Maybe I just need to figure out what sensitivity to use, maybe I just need practice.

Wow though, it’s definitely humbling to go from PC world to console world.


Buy one of those KB / Mouse Combos that works with your Console, should help a bit.

I really don’t get why they released on every console and not PC . . .


I used a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with DUST514 for a while but it felt very sluggish with being designed for controllers.


I adjusted my look sensitivity from 5 to 8 and was #1 on my team the last couple games. Hopefully that was my issue.

Does equipment level carry over to Crucible matches or is everything just made even?


As I understand it equipment carries over but level advantage doesn’t. I take this to mean a higher level player won’t deal you bonus damage if you’re lower level as we seem to get all the bonuses of our chosen skills.

Edit: I don’t think there are many controller options that include a mouse for PS4 at this point. I only found one when I was researching it and it was already sold out well in advance of my research.


Can’t you simply use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse like you can on PS3? https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5087/~/use-keyboard-and-mouse-with-ps4

Destiny may block it but otherwise it should work.


I haven’t done the looking as far as just using a straight keyboard/mouse, I was speaking specifically regarding 3rd party controllers like the splitfish (no link because phone); I’ve only ever seen one so far for PS4.


I think I just need more practice with a controller rather than adding hardware.


Anyone playing fps on a controller rather than a keyboard = noob


I’ve heard Destiny will be coming out for PC eventually. They just said four platforms was enough work already. =P

I have a friend that plays games on his PC w/his xbox controller. He refuses to use the mouse and keyboard.