I take back what I said about Black Ops 3



So some of you will remember that I absolutely blasted Black Ops 3, in fact I bought it for xbox and returned it the next day. The lag was unbearable and it was just atrocious. But I was talking to some friends and they convinced me to get it again, but this time I decided to get it for PS4…and I’m loving the shit out of it. It’s actually fun, and I haven’t been see very much lag. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Live vs PSN, but I played the beta on PS4 and I was pumped to get BO3, so I was disappointed when I got it for Xbox and it was nothing like the beta. Plus, PS4 is the console I love (in fact I’m selling my Xbox Elite console, if anyone is interested just message me). So here I am before you saying, I was wrong. Man was I wrong, this game is super fun and I can only hope that the next CoD’s have different classes like this one does. I think that is one of the main reasons why I like this game so much, different classes and different abilities once you activate you “super” (destiny lingo). Whats your favorite class and ability? I’m still finding mine. lol

I should be on alot this week, I’ve only been playing by myself, I would love to team up if anyone is interested. PSN: ducksauce88


Awesome to hear you’re enjoying i wish i had a PS4 so i could get Black Ops 3 for PS4 instead of xbox for DLC purposes since it comes out a month before on PS4. I hate that theres the gap because i feel ill be missing out and things like zombies easter eggs will be spoiled for me :frowning: As for favorite class and ability i enjoy the VMP and either the bow or flamethrower for the ability. Edit - Also if you didnt know COD developing studio switches every year between 3 studios to allow a 2-3 year dev cycle for each game so the next COD installment most likely wont be like Black Ops 3 as its a different developer. With that being said the next COD will be made by Infinity Ward which will either make Ghosts 2 or Modern Warfare 4 or something of that sorts. If you happened to be one of the few that enjoyed ghosts or enjoyed the modern warfare franchise you will most likely enjoy the next COD but dont expect it to be much like Black Ops 3


I’ve been seriously considering BO3. You may have put be over the edge. I’ve never really been into any of the other installments in the series but I’ve had a new love for shooters on console so I’m interested in trying more.


I just can’t find my groove in BO3. While I’ll concede it’s not seen much play time in my PS4, my lack of quick twitch eye-hand coordination has me acting as an anchor for whatever team I’m attached to. And while I do enjoy a good zombie mode, hate running that with randoms and even when I don’t, much preferred the old Nacht der Untoten.

But seeing as I bought the season pass sight unseen - not the brightest move on my part - I should probably giv’r another go at some point.


I really enjoyed Destiny’s pvp so when I played the beta and it had something similar (but completely different at the same time), I was all in.

I found that most of the time in multiplayer gaming it all comes down to lag. Whether it is display lag, human hand-eye lag, or network lag, who ever has the quickest reaction has the upper-hand (of course). So to minimize my lag I have a Battle Beaver Custom PS4 controller that has “Smart Triggers” that are actual buttons, not trigger. Its either 0 or 1, nothing in between. Also, I have a Netduma R1 router that will let me control who I am playing against geographically. For instance, I live in PA so I lock it into the Tri-State area, that way I’m not on some host overseas. Network lag is the biggest thing for me and it is the main reason why I will stop playing a multiplayer game. For instance, Destiny got to be a lag fest, therefore I can’t even play it anymore…I’ll rage. lol. As for display lag, I’m not really sure how to combat this as I don’t really know much about HDMI. Right now I’m actually using the HDMI that came with my Xbox for my PS4. I’m sure I could get a better HDMI and it maybe minimize the display lag a bit. I won’t play multiplayer games on my 55" inch for this exact reason, instead I play on my 32".

Battle Beaver Custom PS4 Controller
Netduma R1 Router


I just unlocked the Spectre and I think I’m going to like the Ripper ability more than any other. With just two games I seem to get more acidity kills than any other class. Especially on tighter maps.