I think I broke it

oooo what happend :frowning:

I’m not sure. My fiance was killing zombies at the xp farm…

01.03 15:28:19 [Server] INFO primantine was killed by Witch using magic
01.03 15:32:30 [Server] ERROR Encountered an unexpected exception

Apparently the server couldn’t cope with primantine’s death :wink:

I’m checking the rest of the log to see WTF happened.


Oh no. Should get a psychologist for the server?

Paging @Vocino; one of your own is in need of counsel

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Our server is having trouble coping with primantine’s death, could you talk to it please?

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The server is to sad to continue. We need another AI to comfort it in it’s time of need. YOUR DAY HAS COME!


Encountered an unexpected exception could be anything.

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That’s the code for sadness.

man , i was just getting down with building my house =*(


It might just be out of memory.

All signs point to a hiccup of some sort server-side; there weren’t enough user on to be properly out of memory, but it may have freaked itself out somehow. It looks like it did run all the chunk saves before shutting down, so everything should be as it was; it’s coming back online :wink:

Literally the first 2 lines of the crash report :dickbutt:


I think it paused for a moment of silence for Leonard Nimoy :smile:

I was running south. Have been since Iv started playing.

Green across the board; sorry about that :wink:

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my death was a pretty sad thing :cry:


Shoot me a PM and let me know if you lost anything of vital importance as it may not still be on the ground where you died following the crash.