I think I know what happened to @nubhugs


In case anyone else was wondering what happened to @Nubhugs
I just found this in iTunes’ new games section:

Available for iPhone and Android. Coming soon to PC! [Nubs’ Adventure][1]
[1]: http://www.imake-games.com/nubs-adventure/


That little Nubby guy. :smiley:


I need to play some Terraria again.


:sadgumball: RIP @Nubhugs




He’s Alive!!! :smile:
I was worried the Witcher 3 had consumed you until I saw that lol.


Is it for reals?


ᕤ‏ Anything could be possible during E3 if you dream hard enough. Even Nubhugs.


No wonder the guild bosses are getting impossible to beat without gem boosting. Nubhugs isn’t there.


@Nubhugs is on my E3 wishlist.


I was hoping to see @Nubhugs in the Steam Summer Sale, maybe even as a Four Pack.


Wait … is that a @Nubhugs post? :open_mouth:

Do my eyes deceive me?! This isn’t a mirage? -squinty face-


A WILD @Nubhugs appeared!!!