I think I made a thing


Tried to record and edit a video using the Nvidia Geforce Experience software. Let’s see the results.



Also, please let me know about the audio quality of my sound card.


Can confirm, this is a thing.


Your sound card audio, the bass, the reverb…AMAZING!


So many streamers talking about video quality. Pfft!

Send over 7.1 channels of audio in super high bitrate. The video is secondary.

New niche.


Thanks for the confirmation, all. I’m saddened that you didn’t subscribe, though.

How will I ever become a great content creator?


I got you, fam; ichiban subscriber :wink:


Fantastic. It shows me as having zero so I assumed I was getting shafted.


That’s the bad part of inline watching; didn’t even think of it, but I am now :wink:


The playback does sound amazing thru my speakers.


No way, man; notifications on and everything :wink:


I have 2 subs now!

Pressure to create more!


See? @teh_ninjaneer needs to yell about liking, subscribing, and commenting at the beginning, middle, and end of all videos.


Subbed, you’re up to four now so you better start pumping out that sweet content.


My channel has grown 400% in a day. You can’t buy growth like that.

Now I am really pressured to produce real content.


Make that 500% :wink:

I expect the best!


Good. Now dance for us, we demand entertainment. :imp:


And giveaways. Lots of swag!