I think I would rather get a root canal then play ARK



So I have been heads down in real life stuff for as long as I can remember. Someone remind me why I decided to go back to school. :smile:

Anyways, last night after finishing a very long and life-force draining paper I decided to reward myself and play a game before heading to bed. I had recently purchased ARK and only got to mess around with it for about an hour, so it seemed like the best candidate to fill this, seldom as of late, time slot.

What a lesson in humility that was. I think I must have broken a record on how many times you can die is a single sitting. I even died while trying to tweak my graphics options.

Everything in the game wants to kill you and you start out with absolutely nothing to defend yourself with. Even the effort of punching down a tree, to get a stick, to make a crude weapon comes at a great cost of health. Once you parish the entire process starts again and you have little to show for your efforts.

So after a couple of hours of trying to survive ( poorly I might add) I decided to make a run for a pillar or light off in the distance. When finial make it, as luck would have it, it turned out to be a supply crate… that I was to under leveled to open.

In the end I’m grateful that Tom Hank’s character in Castaway did not end up on the same shores as my avatar in ARK… It would have been a much shorter movie.


I think the lesson here is clear
You should’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 with me
Am I ever going to let you live GW2 down? Hell no.


I’m putting GW2 on my MBP. Maybe I can get a little bit of playtime in between work, school and home if it is right there in front of me.


honestly doesn’t matter how high a lvl you get, you still get killed by most everything if you don’t build a place and have big dinos. I can only really enjoy this game because having a server allows you to work with others without being afraid they’re gonna kill you :smile:


Sounds like the type of game I’ll likely avoid. I’m always too soft and provided with nowhere near enough patience.


@Philspaz I was on our server, but I was just trying to sort things out and learn the game mechanics. I never really made it off the beach. All my deaths we from PvE, sadly.

@lyteforce I did not mention the fact that while everything else was going on I was in risk of losing my character to exposure, thirst and hunger. What a nightmare. :smile:


What is this? Oregon Trial on Steroids?


here ya go @tommy2118 this might be easier for you

http://store.steampowered.com/app/370600/ :wink:


Thanks @Zniri that seems more my speed. :beard:


I love how during the flyby of the river ~:26 on the first video you can see a mouse cursor; that is next level production quality. @Vocino, when are we going to add in lingering dev mouse cursors to Command; this is what the people want!


wow, a little surprised anyone made it 26 seconds into that video…